Saving Seeds

Seed packets inside glass jars

It is essential to collect and save seeds after harvesting your herbs, fruits, vegetables, and other plants from your garden. With the saved seeds, you will have enough for the planting season, saving money. Besides, locally produced seeds will grow into plants that adapt to your location. For the seeds to be viable come planting…

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Lasagna Bulb Planting

A field of flowers

Lasagna Bulb Planting: Seasons of Delight Bulbs are a great way to add color to borders, planters, and even within your lawn or xeriscaping! When you need something that works well as a set it and forget it method to enhance your property, bulbs are ideal. A little bit of digging, careful placement, and knowing…

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Soil Testing

A set of gardening tools

When planting a new garden, you must prepare your soil before planting anything. One of the first steps in preparing your soil is to ensure that you do all the necessary soil tests. However, the top priority when preparing our soil is making sure it’s rich enough. So, before we can test anything, we have…

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Make Gardening Fun Again With Raised Garden Beds

Gardens with wooden boxes

The health benefits of gardening outdoors are almost limitless. Your hours spent in the garden are proven to reduce stress, improve mood, and even increase your appetite. Exercise helps our bodies stay healthy, and vitamin D-enriched sunlight helps strengthen our immune systems. If you grow produce in your garden, the healthy foods and a feeling of accomplishment…

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Planting With Purpose

Gardening tools and flowers

Mix Flowers and Vegetables for Companion Planting A harmonious mix of compatible flowers, vegetables, fruits, and herbs adds beauty and sustainability to your potager garden. There are many benefits to companion planting. Attracting pollinating insects and birds Protection against unwanted insects Increased productivity with the right combinations Improved flavor of edibles Attractive landscaping The diverse…

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