Freshly harvested garlic with roots

It’s Time to Plant….Garlic

Garlic is a unique crop that thrives while other plant leaves fall. That’s right. Therefore, besides savoring autumn’s beauty and fighting nostalgia about the fantastic summer, please take advantage of it with garlic. Here’s why.

So Why Is it Time to Plant Garlic?

Garlic takes about seven months to grow. So, if you start now, soon you’ll be smiling to the garden instead of the grocery store. It’s also the perfect season.

Fall provides garlic with the perfect temperatures and soil moisture to form healthy, strong roots. When winter comes, it gives garlic dormancy, a period that is vital for bulb development. Afterward, as spring surprises you with crispiness and new life, so does garlic. The warmth awakens it to produce foliage and bulbs just in time before the harsh summer returns.

How to Plant Garlic

You can plant garlic in the ground. But with limited space, don’t hate those with huge kitchen gardens. Grab containers and plants away. Raised garden beds are also excellent. 

Planting Garlic in the Ground

1. First, prep your soil:

  • Add fertilizer; choose from different garlic fertilizers or use fish meal.
  • Make rows at least six inches apart and 2 inches deep.

2. Next, ready your cloves. 

  • Select large, healthy ones; think “go big or go home.” 
  • Separate the cloves, leaving the husks on.

3. Third, plant:

  • Place the cloves at least 4 inches apart.
  • Pro tip: The pointy end upward!

Planting Garlic in Containers 

1. Prep your container:

  • Make a drainage hole at the bottom of an 8-inch-deep container,
  • Fill it with soil or potting mix: three inches from the top.

2. Next, plant the cloves at least 3 inches apart, the pointy end facing up, and cover them with about two inches of soil.

About Elephant Garlic

You must have thought elephant garlic is another type of garlic. Here’s an interesting fact; Yes, it’s huge and looks like one, but it’s not garlic. 

How Is Elephant Garlic Different? 

Elephant garlic belongs to the leek species. It has a milder taste and a slightly different flavor. Also, you can eat it raw or as a veggie.

Garlic FAQs

How do I care for garlic?

Fertilize fortnightly and water weekly. Remember, don’t overwater; the garlic may rot.

How do I know it’s time to harvest?
Harvest when the leaves turn yellow.
How do I harvest garlic?
Extract it whole by carefully digging into the soil. After all, you’ve worked so hard and waited too long, don’t waste it all by damaging the bulb by pulling the garlic out by the stem.
How can I Use Garlic?

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Katie Namet

The Potager Gardener

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