Natural Dyed Eggs

March 13, 2023

Naturally Dyed Eggs This is the time of year that we think about spring celebrations, and that may of course include dyed eggs! We love to decorate our tables and baskets, reminding us…

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Freshly harvested lemon parsnips and carrots

Lemon Parsnips and Carrots

December 3, 2022

Autumn Harvest Cleaning, clearing and planting your fall/winter garden might be what you are up to! Possibly changing your borders or greasing your fruit tree trunks for fall.  You could be admiring your…

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Flowers and leaves

Gardening Tips After Summer Harvest

September 24, 2022

There’s always a touch of sadness for gardeners as the season begins to close. A little bittersweet as we go from a time of planning and hard work, which brought us a summer…

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Freshly harvested garlic with roots

It’s Time to Plant….Garlic

September 22, 2022

Garlic is a unique crop that thrives while other plant leaves fall. That’s right. Therefore, besides savoring autumn’s beauty and fighting nostalgia about the fantastic summer, please take advantage of it with garlic.…

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Seed packets inside glass jars

Saving Seeds

July 26, 2022

It is essential to collect and save seeds after harvesting your herbs, fruits, vegetables, and other plants from your garden. With the saved seeds, you will have enough for the planting season, saving…

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A field of flowers

Lasagna Bulb Planting

July 23, 2022

Lasagna Bulb Planting: Seasons of Delight Bulbs are a great way to add color to borders, planters, and even within your lawn or xeriscaping! When you need something that works well as a…

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A set of gardening tools

Soil Testing

July 23, 2022

When planting a new garden, you must prepare your soil before planting anything. One of the first steps in preparing your soil is to ensure that you do all the necessary soil tests.…

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Gardens with wooden boxes

Make Gardening Fun Again With Raised Garden Beds

July 16, 2022

The health benefits of gardening outdoors are almost limitless. Your hours spent in the garden are proven to reduce stress, improve mood, and even increase your appetite. Exercise helps our bodies stay healthy, and vitamin…

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Gardening tools and flowers

Planting With Purpose

July 15, 2022

Mix Flowers and Vegetables for Companion Planting A harmonious mix of compatible flowers, vegetables, fruits, and herbs adds beauty and sustainability to your potager garden. There are many benefits to companion planting. Attracting…

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Hanging flowers and plants in jars

Drying And Preserving Herbs

December 16, 2021

Drying and preserving herbs that you have grown in your potager garden or pots adds variety to your pantry. These are the various herbs including basil, marjoram, rosemary, thyme, oregano, mint, chives, sage,…

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